Healthy Individuals


The study population consists of 202 healthy subjects from the Intercity Digital Electrocardiogram Alliance (IDEAL) database. Twenty-four hour Holter recordings were acquired using the SpaceLab-Burdick digital Holter recorder (SpaceLab-Burdick, Inc., Deerfield, WI). The Electrocardiograms were acquired using three pseudo-orthogonal lead configuration (X, Y and Z). There is a initial resting supine period for a 20 minutes duration before starting the ambulatory recording.

The QRS detection and beat annotations were obtained using Vision Premier (SpaceLab-Burdick, Inc., Deerfield, WI). The annotation was manually reviewed and adjudicated.

Enrollment criteria:

Healthy individuals were eligible for enrollment when they fullfilled the following criteria:

  1. no overt cardiovascular disease or hisotry of cardiovascular disorders (including stroke, TIA, peripherical vascular disease,
  2. no history of high blood pressure (>150/90),
  3. no medication,
  4. no toher chronic illness (e.g. diabetes , asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc.),
  5. subject was not enrolled if he/she was evaluated by a physician for cardiovascular-related syndrome (chest pain, palpitation, syncope) but was otherwise diagnosed as being healthy,
  6. normal physical examination,
  7. sinus rhythm in 12-lead ECG without any suspicious abnormalities (e.g. signs of ventirucar hypertrophy, inverted T-wave , intraventricualr conduction disturbances),
  8. normal echo and nomal ECG exercise testing in presence of suspicious ECG changes,
  9. no pregnancy

Population descriptive statistics:

N 100 100 2 202
HEIGHT (cm) 176.8 162.3 0 169.6
WEIGHT (Kg) 77.6 62.3 0 70.0
Body Mass index 24.7 23.7 0 24.2

Clinical information

ID ID = 'Study Identifier'
RACE RACE = 'Race(White/Black/Asian/Other)'
HEIGHT HEIGHT = 'Height (cm)'
WEIGHT WEIGHT = 'Weight (Kg)'
BP_SYST Systolic Blood pressure
BP_DIAST Diastolic blood pressure
SMOKING smoking (y=1/n=0)
AGE AGE = 'Age'
BMI BMI = 'Body Mass Index'

ECG Characteristics:

Number of leads : 3 (X, Y Z leads, pseudo orthogonal configuration)
Sampling Frequency : 200Hz
Amplitude Resolution: 10 microV
Example of 10-min ECG and associated annotation files are availble for download: example.ecg and example.ann
The format of these files is described in here

Example of publications based on this database (click on pdf icone to download):

J. P. Couderc, X. Xiaojuan, W. Zareba, and A. J. Moss, "Assessment of the Stability of the Individual-Based Correction of QT Interval for Heart Rate," Ann. Noninvasive. Electrocardiol., vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 25-34, Jan.2005