ST Elevation (≥ 2mm)


The ST segment starts at the J point (the junction between the end of the QRS and the beginning of the ST segment) and ends at the beginning of the T wave.  The normal ST segment is isoelectric; is essentially level with the PR and TP (baseline) segments, and has a duration of 0.080 to 0.120 secs.  The shape and direction of the ST segment are the important indicators to measure along with T-wave changes when trying to determine myocardial ischemia/infarction.  Significant ST Elevation in the Ambulatory ECG (A-ECG) is determined when the ST segment is ≥ 2mm above the baseline.   When viewing a 12-lead A-ECG, reciprocal changes in the ST segments and T-waves among the leads should be noted.

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12 Lead EKG